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WADA International Standards

WADA international standards cover various technical and operational areas of the anti-doping programme. The standards have been developed in consultation with signatories to the UNESCO Anti-Doping Convention and with governments, and approved by WADA.

The purpose of the international standards is harmonization among Anti-Doping Organizations responsible for specific technical and operational parts of anti-doping programs. According to the World Anti-Doping Code, adherence to the International Standards is mandatory.

The international standards may be revised from time to time by the WADA Executive Committee after reasonable consultation with the signatories and governments. Unless otherwise provided in the Code, international standards and all revisions shall become effective on the date specified in the international standard or revision.

International standards contain many technical details necessary to implement the Code. Although expressly part of the Code by reference, the international standards are developed by experts in consultation with signatories and governments and published in separate technical documents. The WADA Executive Committee must be able to amend the international standards without the need to amend the Code or the rules and regulations of individual interested parties.

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