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Cases of anti-doping rule violations

Cases of anti-doping rule violations shall include a list of persons against whom the Disciplinary Panel has decided to publish the findings.  According to the current regulations, the data for public viewing are displayed on the POLADA website and the Disciplinary Panel for the duration of the penalty. 



Name and surnameDisciplineSanction
and duration of the sanction
Type of violation
Szymon KrawczykCycling2 years ineligibility
art. 2.4 Whereabouts Failures by an Athlete
Michał PająkPowerlifting4 years ineligibility
art. 2.3 refusing to submit of sample collection
Dawid KołodziejczukWeightlifting 4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i art. 2.2 THC, Oxilofrine, 3-methylhexan-2 amina, Octodrine, Metandienone, Stanozolol
Sebastian WiktorzakBoxing4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i art. 2.2 GHRP-2
Jakub KrzewinaAthletics15 months ineligibility
(with the period of provisional suspension)
art. 2.4 Whereabouts Failures by an Athlete
Dominik ZadoraKickboxing4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i art. 2.2. Dehydrometylotestosteron, Oksandrolon, Metandienon
Aleks HoppeJudo4 years ineligibility
art.2.1 i art. 2.2. Meldonium
Gabriela MichałowskaPara-swimming2 years ineligibility
art.2.1 Metylofenidat
Konrad OlszewskiKickboxing4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i art.2.2 Cocaine
Hugon NoszczykRugby4 years ineligibility
art.2.1 i art.2.2 Drostanolone, Testosterone
Alan BorutaBoxing4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i 2.2 Metandienone
Mateusz WoroszyłPara-Powerlifting4 years ineligibility
(including previous ineligibility)
art.2.1 i art.2.2 Torasemide
Bartosz BadeńskiMotor sports2 years ineligibility
art.2.9 Complicity
Tomasz BorowiecKickboxing8 years ineligibility
art.2.1 i art.2.2 Testosterone, 5α-androstenediol, 5β-androstenediol, Etiocholanolone, Androsterone
Maciej WitanIce Hockey4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i 2.2 Amfetamine
Jakub ParzeńskiBasketball4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 Clenbuterol
Bartłomiej UchmanAthletics4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i 2.2 Metandienone
Barbara NowakAthletics4 years ineligibility
art. 2.1 i 2.2 Metandienone
Jarosław WronaCycling2 years inegibility
art. 10.2.2 Clomifene
Anna HarkowskaPara-cycling4 years ineligibility 28.01.2021-27.01.2025art.2.1 i art. 2.2. Meldonium
Andrzej BełdaBasketaball4 years ineligibility 17.04.2019-16.04.2023art. 2.9 Complicity
Piotr Siemionowski Canoeing2 years ineligibility 18.06.2021-17.06.2023 art.2.1 i 2.2 Clomifene
Karol Krupienik Boxing2 years ineligibility 06.05.2021-05.05.2023 art. 2.1 i art.2.2 Clomifene
Alexas Kubicka Boxing 2 years ineligibility 29.04.2021-28.04.2023 art.2.1 Indapamide
Adrian TeklińskiCycling4 years ineligibility 30.10.2020- 29.10.2024art.2.1 Erytropoetyna (EPO)
Szymon KarelusBodybuilding and Fitness4 years ineligibility 27.06.2019-26.06.2023art. 2.1 Drostanolone, Kanrenon
Karol ŁapawaBoxing3 years ineligibility 25.01.2021-24.01.2024art.2.1 i art.2.2 Drostanolone
Jakub WiatrowiczWeightlifting3 years ineligibility 23.12.2020-22.12.2023art.2.1 Boldione
Szymon SówkaWeightlifting 3 years ineligibility 03.02.2021-02.02.2024art.2.1 i art.2.2 Testosterone, 5α-androstenediol, 5β- androstenediol, Etiocholanolone, Androsterone
Tomasz RuszkowskiBasketball4 years ineligibility 17.04.2019-16.04.2023art.2.9 Complicity
Nikoletta SularzBodybuilding and Fitness 4 years ineligibility 10.11.2020-09.11.2024art.2.1 i 2.2. Klenbuterol
Jarosław WołosiukCycling4 years ineligibility 21.10.2020-20.10.2024art.2.1 Darbepoetyna (dEPO)
Kamil DamięckiBodybuilding and Fitness 4 years ineligibility 30.12.2019-29.12.2023art.2.1. i art.2.2 hydrochlorotiazyd, amyloryd, kanrenon, chlorotiazyd, anastrozol, boldenon, drostanolon, oksandrolon, stanozolol, trenbolon
Maciej PietrewiczBodybuilding and Fitness 4 years ineligibility 2.01.2020-01.01.2024art.2.1 Chlorotiazyd, Hydrochlorotiazyd, Amyloryd, Kanrenon, Letrozol, Boldenon, Klenbuterol, Drostanolon, Oksandrolon, Trenbolon, 19-norandrosteron, 19-noretiocholanion, Dehydrochlorometylotestosteron, Mestanolon, Metandienon
Patryk IwaszczyszynBodybuilding and Fitness 4 years ineligibility 02.01.2020-01.01.2024art.2.1. i art. 2.2. Kanrenon, Androstatriendion, Letrozol, GW501516, Tamoksifen, Boldenon, Klenbuterol, Boldion, Drostanolon, Metasteron, Stanozolol, Trenbolon
Martyna StępieńBodybuilding and Fitness 4 years ineligibility 14.02.2020-13.02.2024art.2.1 Boldenon, Klenbuterol, Drostanolon, Stanozolol,  Nandrolon, Tamoksifen
Michał MajewskiBodybuilding and Fitness 4 years ineligibility 30.12.2019-29.12.2023art. 2.1. i art. 2.2. hydrochlorotiazyd, amyloryd, letrozol, drostanolon, mestereolon, metandienon, stanozolol
Dawid CnotaBodybuilding and Fitness 4 years ineligibility 28.11.2019-27.11.2023art. 2.1 Chlorotiazyd, Hydrochlorotiazyd, Amyloryd, Kanrenon, Boldenon, Klenbuterol, Drostanolon, Mesterolon, Metandienon, Stanozolol, Nandrolon, Trenbolon, Klomifen, Letrozol, Eksemestan
Michał MajewskiFencing4 years ineligibility 25.05.2019-24.05.2023art. 2.1 Cocaine
Michał WalczakKickboxing4 years ineligibility 04.03.2020-03.03.2024art. 2.1; art. 2.2 Boldenon, Metenolon
Paweł ŻukFootball4 years ineligibility 04.06.2020-03.06.2024art. 2.9 Complicity
Przemysław GontarzFootball 2 years ineligibility 15.02.2021-14.02.2023art. 2.9 Complicity
Daniel PurzyckiFootball 4 years ineligibility 25.11.2020-24.11.2024art. 2.9 Complicity
Wojciech SantowskiRugby4 years ineligibility 13.12.2019-12.12.2023art. 2.1; 2.2. THC, Amfetamina, Hydroksyamfetamina
Piotr SmołuchFootball 4 years ineligibility 05.12.2019-04.12.2023art.2.2 Use of the Prohibited Method
Tomasz MargolFootball 4 years ineligibility 05.12.2019-04.12.2023art.2.2 Use of the Prohibited Method
Sebastian KrawczykFootball 4 years ineligibility 05.12.2019-04.12.2023art.2.2 Use of the Prohibited Method
Marcin KozłowskiFootball 4 years ineligibility 05.12.2019-04.12.2023art.2.2 Use of the Prohibited Method
Kacper FalonFootball 4 years ineligibility 05.12.2019-04.12.2023art.2.2 Use of the Prohibited Method
Aya DioufFootball 4 years ineligibility 05.12.2019-04.12.2023art.2.2 Use of the Prohibited Method
Mateusz AdamskiRugby8 years ineligibility 22.02.2020-21.02.2028art.2.1 Amfetamina, Hydroksyamfetamina
Bartosz BartkowskiBodybuilding 4 years ineligibility 13.02.2020-12.02.2024art.2.1 Metandienon
Mariusz KrzyszczakBodybuilding4 years ineligibility 18.01.2020-17.01.2024art.2.1 Meldonium, Stanozolol i inne
Adrian NiemiecRugby4 years ineligibility 27.05.2019-26.05.2023art.2.1 Dehydrochlorometylotestosteron
Jakub ŁakomikBodybuilding 4 years ineligibility 07.05.2019-06.05.2023art.2.3 odmowa poddania się kontroli
Maciej ZachejaJudo4 years ineligibility 05.02.2019-04.02.2023art.2.1 Dehydrochlorometylotestosteron
Karol MałeckiBodybuilding 4 years ineligibility 14.05.2019-13.05.2023art. 2.3 niestawienie się w punkcie kontroli
Aleksandra SzymczykowskaBodybuilding 4 years ineligibility 14.03.2019-13.03.2023art.2.1. Oksandrolon, Metandienon i inne
Kamil UrodaBodybuilding 4 years ineligibility 26.03.2019-25.03.2023art.2.1. Klenbuterol, Drostanolon i inne
Patryk KościelniakBodybuilding 4 years disqualification 26.03.2019-25.03.2023art.2.1. Klenbuterol, Boldenon i inne
Krystian AranowskiRowing4 years disqualification 12.03.2019-11.03.2023art.2.1. Testosteron, 5α-androstane-3α, 17β-diol
Aleksandra GrzankaBodybuilding 4 years disqualification 05.04.2019-04.04.2024art.2.1. Klenbuterol
Konrad RzącaWeightlifting4 years disqualification 07.02.2019-06.02.2023art.2.1. Androsteron, Etiocholanolon i inne
Karol SzymanowskiRugby4 years disqualification 19.03.2019-18.03.2023art.2.1. Dehydrochlorometylotestosteron, Metandienon