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POLADA’s Athletes’ Committee during a round table meeting on effective involvement of athletes in the fight against doping

On 5 September, Luiza Złotkowska and Katarzyna Rogowiec, who represented the POLADA Athletes’ Committee, took part in a round table meeting on the effective involvement of athletes in the fight against doping in sport. The event was attended by the President-elect of WADA, Witold Bańka, and representatives of the athletes’ committees: EU Athletes, Global Athlete, International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and World Anti-Doping Agency. The discussion focused on the issues of increasing the involvement of athletes in the fight against doping, the vision of their role in decision-making processes and the idea of establishing a global ombudsman for athletes. Individual thematic panels were moderated by: Paweł Wilkowicz (, Jens Andersen (Play the Game), Kacie Wallace (United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee).

The full list of participants can be found below:

  • Tomczyk Paulina – EU Athletes
  • Skinner Callum – Global Athlete
  • O’Donovan Caradh – Global Athlete
  • Dia Ba Amadou – Athletes’ Commission of the National Olympic Committees
  • Scott Beckie – WADA Athlete Committee
  • Pengilly Adam – WADA Athlete Committee
  • Warners Chiel – WADA Athlete Committee
  • Terho Emma – IOC Athletes’ Commission
  • Bindra Abhinav – IOC Athletes’ Commission
  • Klemetti Rudolf – IPC Athletes’ Council
  • Złotkowska Luiza – POLADA Athletes Committee 
  • Rogowiec  Katarzyna – POLADA Athletes Committee