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POLADA and CEADO supports CRC recommendation

Below we publish a joint statement of CEADO members.

The members of the Central European Anti-Doping Organization (CEADO) welcome the series of consequences proposed by the Compliance Review Committee (CRC) for the non-compliance of the Russian anti-doping system.

The reports of WADA´s Intelligence and Investigations department and independent experts reveal systematic manipulations and fabrication of evidence which can not be tolerated. In it´s recommendations to WADA’s Executive Committee, the CRC concluded that this is “an extremely serious case of non-compliance with the requirement to provide an authentic copy of the Moscow data, with several aggravating features.”

CEADO emphasises that it is of utmost importance to protect clean athletes and clean sport worldwide as best as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that the recommendations of the CRC are adopted. CEADO expects WADA as the gobal regulator on anti-doping matters to establish clear and transparent criterias on how to fulfil the requirements (e.g. regarding the permission of Russian athletes to international events, clarification of the term “international events”, etc.). These conditions must meet the expectations and have the support of all clean athletes of the world, including those from Russia, and the sports spectators worldwide.

Therefore CEADO fully supports the recommendations by the Compliance Review Committee and is looking forward to a strong and clear decision in the interest of clean sport by WADA’s Executive Committee.