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CEADO signed an agreement with ITA

National anti-doping agencies in the framework of the CEADO Association signed an agreement with International Testing Agency (ITA). The main aim of the cooperation is to improve the process of coordination of anti-doping controls and to increase the effectiveness of anti-doping activities before the Tokyo IO 2021. The agreement was signed by the National Anti-Doping Agencies of the European Union: Austria, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency by Director Michał Rynkowski – This is a particularly important agreement in the Olympic year, when there will be far more anti-doping checks and the eyes of the sports world will be on Tokyo. It is our duty, as national agencies, to coordinate our activities in such a way as to make them as little cumbersome as possible for the athlete. This agreement ensures this – says Rynkowski.

The conclusion of this agreement will allow much better coordination in the context of anti-doping controls. It will be provided by the ITA as the organisation managing the anti-doping programmes of individual international sports federations in coordination with the national agencies of the CEADO. 

­- Until now, it has happened that the same athlete could be checked twice a day, both on behalf of the world sports federation and the national anti-doping agency. Thanks to the management of these processes by the ITA, such situations will not occur – adds the director of POLADA.